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About Us

My Crafy Touch is an online store selling exquisite handmade artisan jewellery, scented candles and accessories. My Crafty Touch is the brainchild of Bahraini Fine Artist Seema Haqiqi.
Bahraini Fine Artist Seema Haqiqi

Seema is a university graduate with a lot of passion for fine arts. Her work with candles started when she developed a passion for imbedding traditional and Islamic patterns onto candles and decorating them. This drove her to create her own specially designed handmade and scented candles using traditional scents and aromas. She took this further by enrolling in a special one-on-one candle-making course with a world-leading candle-maker in France.

Her passion for arts did not stop there. Seema took an interest in creating wire and gemstone jewellery and accessories using fine quality gemstones, crystals and beads. She also makes accessories, like bookmarks, keyrings and eyeglass chains.

The name 'My Crafty Touch' identifies Seema's personal touches to all the products she designs and crafts.

Seema’s artistic work landed her many national TV, magazine and newspaper interviews. She has actively participated in many local fairs and exhibitions presenting her artistic work alongside her retail/consumer candle and other products.

At My Crafty Touch online store, Seema showcases her elegant handmade products under three categories - Jewellery, Candles and Accessories.