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How to correctly measure your wrist for gemstone bead bracelets

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Hi, it’s me Seema again.
A lot of customers ask us about gemstone bead bracelet sizes. Many customers mistakenly use the cuff size of their long-sleeve shirts or blouses when shopping for gemstone bead bracelets. Cuff sizes don’t work with such bracelets because usually cuffs are worn loose or very slightly loose around the wrist but gemstone bead bracelets need to be fit around the wrist - not too tight off course. So here’s how you can measure your wrist size for gemstone bead bracelets. Note that these may not apply to other types of bracelets. Or you may wish to wear them loose.
Correct measurement of wrist for gemstone bead bracelets
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Step 1: Measure your wrist size with a flexible measuring tape (like a tailor’s measuring tape). Make the tape fit around your wrist without leaving any gaps between your skin and the measuring tape but without making it too tight - just enough for it to feel comfortable around your wrist.
Step 2: If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape then use a piece of string or a strip of plain paper, or anything similar but flexible and wrap it fit around your wrist - again, don’t make it too tight, just enough to feel comfortable.
Step 3: With a pencil or pen mark the length of the string, or strip of paper - the portion that is around your wrist.
Step 4: Use a ruler to measure the length of the piece of string or paper strip where you have placed a mark.
You now know your wrist size for gemstone bead bracelets and you can shop for the right size bracelets without any worries.
If you still need to know more about sizes then why not get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.
We can also customise a gemstone bead bracelet for you, subject to availability of the selected gemstones and beads. Send us an email at info@mycraftytouch.com with your specific requirements so we can discuss them.
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